A tangible approach to an area of machine learning in full swing

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A clear example of this within the world of robotics are the advances made by the company Boston Dynamics [2], founded by Marc Raibert in 1992 and bought by Google in…

Surrounded by technology.

Not many years ago, talking about artificial intelligence implied evoking an image of viped automatons performing properly human tasks with greater rigor and efficiency than ourselves (C3PO in Star Wars); or on the other side, robots with capacities and intentions harmful to the existence of the human race (Terminator in Terminator, 1984). Thanks to the internet and technology development, this situation has changed and currently this area of ​​computing is especially important in diverse productive sectors.

Although the term first appeared in 1956, coined by John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon at the Dartmouth Conference, its evolution and applications…

Anxo Rey Masid

Data Scientist at Securitas Direct by Verisure

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